TN Fireplace & Chimney offers tips for homeowners during chimney swift nesting season

Chimney sweeps, who often nest in large groups in chimneys to the east United States between March and November are protected under US Migratory Birds Act, which means it is illegal to move or disturb their nests while they are occupied.

“Chimney sweeps are in large numbers and can make noise while feeding, but ultimately they and their nests do not pose any health or safety risks,” he said Josh Cate, Owner of TN Fireplace & Chimney. “You could force homeowners to delay maintenance or renovation of chimneys and chimneys, but once the nest is removed in the fall, there are simple measures that can either prevent them from returning or make the seasonal nesting less noticeable.”

Cate recommends homeowners postpone cleaning the chimney once a quick nest is identified. Close the chimney flap and install insulation underneath to reduce noise. Homeowners or wildlife and pest control professionals can remove the nest once the roost has flown south. A chimney lid prevents the Swifts from returning in the spring.

However, some experts urge homeowners to keep their chimneys open whenever possible. The population of high speed chimneys has declined sharply over the past 50 years, and the blocking of available nesting sites is contributing to a persistent decline in numbers. However, nature conservation advocates recommend closing lined chimneys, which are unsuitable and dangerous for chimney sweeps. Most of the newer chimneys are already covered.

“Many homeowners are very concerned when they find Swifts nesting in their chimney, especially when they learn that federal law is preventing them from taking action to evacuate them until they’re flown south for the winter. But it is a natural, seasonal occurrence. Regular cleaning and maintenance can create a safe habitat for an endangered population. If you want to prevent future nests, caps are affordable and effective when properly installed by a professional. ”

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