TN Fireplace & Chimney promotes safety and comfort with summer inspections and cleanings

A professional inspection and routine maintenance will now prepare your fireplace or stove for heavy use in cold weather. Regular maintenance not only provides maximum convenience and efficiency, but it can also extend the life of your fireplace equipment or fireplace, reduce the risk of fire and breakdown, and save homeowners money.

“Performing the recommended seasonal maintenance on your fireplace and chimneys during the spring and summer can reduce the overall time it takes to maintain the system,” he said Josh Cate, Owner of TN Fireplace & Chimney. “Chances are you’ll have fewer major repair and installation costs in the long run. Preventive maintenance now gives you confidence that your fireplace or stove will be the comfort you expect in the fall and winter. You know your family is.” is safer, too. “

Cate recommends homeowners include the following in their summer home maintenance schedule:

  • Cleaning the chimney: Remove the ashes from the chimney to improve the air quality.
  • Close the hatch: Keeping the hatch of a wood-burning stove or fireplace closed will prevent cool air conditioning from coming out and cut off an entrance for bats, birds and other animals.
  • Check the fireplace lid: These metal and mesh guards keep dirt and animals from getting into the fireplace without affecting ventilation. They also protect the roof from embers.
  • Schedule an Inspection and Cleaning: An annual professional inspection and cleaning will help keep your fireplace and fireplace in top condition and ensure efficiency, reliability and comfort.

“A lot of people who take careful care of their air conditioning and plumbing may not think about their chimney until something goes wrong,” said Cate. “If a breakdown or malfunction occurs, you can lose access to one of the home’s most popular functions. You also run the risk of fire, carbon monoxide, and other air quality issues. Additionally, winter is the busiest time of year when If you wait until the cold weather to make an appointment it can be difficult to get timely service. You can avoid these delays by dealing with them now. “

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