Topkote Products Expands Its Product Line To Include Water Borne Cabinet Paint For Professional Refinishers

Cabinet color arrives at Topkote

Adding kitchen cabinet repairs to your services only makes sense, and if you don’t, you are missing out.

Topkote Products, one of the largest suppliers of bathroom and kitchen paints to professional bathtub refiners, today announced the launch of its highly anticipated line of cabinet paints from General Finishes. The new environmentally friendly, water-based one-component cabinet paint line includes a stain protection primer, a primer primer, a milky top coat, glaze effects for cabinets with a shabby chic distressed look, a white poly top coat, a clear poly top coat, an accelerator and a Extender. The white poly topcoat and the clear poly topcoat are available in flat, satin, semi-gloss and glossy gloss. Professional bathtub refiners can now offer their customers a complete kitchen overhaul with one of the best kitchen cabinet paints that cost less than the cost of a cabinet renovation or a complete remodel.

“This is the perfect addition to a bathtub finisher’s arsenal. Refineries are already repairing countertops, why not include cabinets. They usually have all of the equipment they need and if they can refinish a bathtub or countertop they can refurbish kitchen cabinets, “says George Piccot, Product Manager at Topkote.” Refinishing kitchen cabinets to your services only makes sense if you don’t. you’re missing something.”


Sumter Coatings’ Topkote Products is a leading bathroom and kitchen paint supplier providing professional painters with products for repairs to bathtubs, tiles, countertops and cabinets. They also offer cutting-edge professional bathtub, tile and countertop rework training that includes reworking multiple bathtubs, a step-by-step guide and video, multi-color paint applications on countertops and tiles, sales and marketing support, and a certificate of completion as a Topkote trained professional.

Topkote Products was founded after it was recognized that there was a need for a real “SYSTEM” for bathtub repair that was of the highest standards. The idea was to found a company that would give a professional Reglazer a “SYSTEM” that was easy to use and quick to learn, while maintaining the luxury of a superior product.

We take great pride in the fact that we can sell high quality bathroom and kitchen repair products, and we believe there are a large number of painters out there who want the option of a 100% high quality tub, tile, countertop or cabinet color to buy% reliable. Sumter Coatings’ Topkote Products is pleased to provide the point of sale for this.

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