[Turning Your Living Room Into a Home Theater] ② The Design Story Behind The Premiere, a Projector That Provides Experiences Beyond ‘Cinematic’

Today, the way people enjoy their favorite media is becoming increasingly diverse due to diverse lifestyles and preferences. With the introduction of its home theater projector The Premiere, Samsung Electronics has freed users from the limitations of their home environment: wherever they want to enjoy their content, The Premiere is able to act as a large-screen portal to a new, completely immersive one. to act world.

The premiere was created based on research and understanding of the environments and spaces of real users. Its appearance and functionality have been precisely refined so that the projector fits comfortably into the user’s room and is not a bulky device that can only be removed and used every now and then. To learn more about the innovative concept behind The Premiere, Samsung Newsroom sat down with its designers to see how they came up with this one-of-a-kind screen.

A design that blends in, inspired by the user’s environment

Sungil Bang, designer and visual display business for Samsung Electronics

In order to be able to develop a differentiated product, the designers at Premiere began to deal with the projector market and to analyze it. “There are already so many projectors out there, from affordable to high-end projectors, all with different specifications,” noted Sungil Bang. “We already knew in the planning phase that we had to break new ground in order to develop a product that went beyond the mere projector.”

The designers were guided by the idea of ​​the actual room in which a projector should be placed. They focused on the lifestyle and environmental trends being followed by real users to set their direction for developing a product that offers truly enriching experiences. “We have worked hard to develop a product that, thanks to its innovative technologies, offers new experiences and at the same time blends seamlessly with the furniture and other decorative items of the user,” added Bang. “We took a lot of inspiration from the use of space, the choice of furniture and the trendy art objects that we came across during this initial design process.”

(From left) Jigwang Kim, Sungil Bang, and Junpyo Kim, the designers of Samsung Electronics’ visual display business

What could be the main reason for a user to buy a projector? Perhaps to enjoy media more vividly on a larger screen, or to give a subtle interior flair to a room in which you would otherwise not want to place a large TV. When developing The Premiere, the Premiere design team paid close attention to ensuring that its exterior would not overwhelm the room in which it was placed, wherever it might be. “The simple design of The Premiere doesn’t stand out too much as a piece of furniture, as it fits naturally into the room,” explains Jigwang Kim. “Users can enjoy unprecedented immersive experiences when they enjoy content that is displayed on an entire wall.”

The designers have worked diligently on the silhouette of the Premiere to ensure that the projector blends in with its surroundings rather than attracting attention. The no-frills elements that make it up, including its rounded contour and sleek lines, complete its overall sleek and soft design. “The projector is able to combine other components that a user might have nearby, such as a table or vase, making it perfect for those who like minimalist interiors,” suggested Jigwang Kim.

Innovative functions for user comfort

Product design decisions are ultimately always made for the user so that they can enjoy their product anytime, anywhere. Because of the common belief that typical projectors can be cumbersome to install due to the need for a certain amount of clearance between the wall and the projector, as well as the space constraints that this creates, Samsung has implemented triple laser beam technology with ultra-short focus. This technology enables Premiere users to enjoy 4K video up to 330.2 cm in size, even if the projector is only 23.8 cm on the wall.

Jigwang Kim, designer in the visual display business at Samsung Electronics

As the world’s first HDR10 + projector, The Premiere offers a maximum brightness of 2,800 ANSI lumens. The Premiere also delivers a contrast ratio of 2,000,000: 1 so that the projector can reproduce all subtle contrasts and details in darker images. Additionally, “The projector comes with Acoustic Beam speakers that deliver deep, three-dimensional, room-filling sound without the need for separate speakers,” added Jigwang Kim.

Another leading feature of The Premiere is its Smart Hub, which enables users to view all types of content and media – all with just an internet connection. “With Premiere, users can easily enjoy what they want because there is no need to connect separate devices. It is also connected to SmartThings so that users can monitor and operate their smart home devices right from their projector. “

An outstanding design that seamlessly merges thanks to ingenious materials

Unlike a tough, cold-looking home appliance, The Premiere was designed to provide warmth to fit seamlessly into any living space. A standout feature of its design is the choice of materials – the design team chose to cover the product with a high quality fabric to give the projector its warmth and sophistication. “This fabric encompasses a subtle wealth of colors and a sophisticated weave – it’s actually often used on sofas, chairs, and other fabric items from premium brands,” said Junpyo Kim. “The projector matches the room in which it is placed because it has been carefully designed to go well with furniture.”

However, it was not that easy for the design team to be able to furnish The Premiere with this high-quality fabric finish. Since such materials are traditionally used for furniture, the fabric was developed for a different purpose. “The weave of the fabric is more dense than other fabrics, which means that if it were to cover the projector’s speakers, it would affect the sound quality,” commented Junpyo Kim. “This brought challenges in the design phase, but we didn’t want to forego the uniquely warm and robust look of this fabric. We have therefore increased the opening ratio of the fabric in order to preserve its properties while at the same time maintaining optimal sound quality. “

Junpyo Kim, designer at Samsung Electronics’ Visual Display Business

If you are thinking of converting your room into a cinema with a truly immersive experience, or a concert hall full of music – or even a stadium during a sports game, try The Premiere, a projector that enhances the atmosphere of the room it’s in Ease is placed.

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