Valley family helping handyman who had truck and trailer stolen

SCOTTSDALE, AZ – A family down in the valley tries to help their handyman after his truck and trailer were stolen while he was working in a Scottsdale neighborhood.

Eric Piepenbrock has been a craftsman in the valley for almost 20 years. He works for M&H Handyman Service and he and his partner carry out small conversions and a variety of services.

“People want to put up ceiling fans, maybe a garbage disposal, repairs to drywall, everything – electrics, plumbing,” he said.

He worked for Carolyn Holemon in her Scottsdale home for a number of years. She said her kids call him “Mr. Eric” and love learning from him.

Piepenbrock worked there on Friday and said he parked his F250 and trailer across from the house.

“The windows of my truck were down and my trailer was unlocked and the doors closed. So I went out to get some tools and it was completely gone,” said Piepenbrock.

He thinks he left the truck keys in the center console because he thinks the truck is safe.

You never thought that someone would steal both the truck and the trailer – with the company logo on it.

“It was bright light, nothing like this has ever happened here. A package has never been stolen,” said Holemon.

“In the trailer was a rolling hardware store. In the truest sense of the word. I still can’t spend a dollar amount on tools and equipment that I visit every day and that I’ve accumulated over the course of 18 to 20 years,” said Piepenbrock.

He said that was the hardest thing to replace and that was what he needed to keep working.

“In my opinion, because it’s my stuff and I feel so hurt, I feel like someone has a goldmine in their hands. I don’t expect any of this to come back, to be completely honest,” he said.

Holemon wants to help.

“I want to show my kids that bad guys don’t win,” she said. “And that the community can come together and make some food out of a bad situation.”

She shared the story on social media, hoping someone would see the truck and trailer, or help in any way they can. She has created a GoFundMe account for Piepenbrock.

“I know things like this happen to people and their property gets stolen. It hit me really hard because he’s just such a great guy,” said Holemon.

Piepenbrock estimates that trucks, trailers, and equipment could be worth nearly $ 40,000.

“I just feel like I’ve been undressed, knocked out and kicked in the stomach a few times,” said Piepenbrock.

Due to the location of the house, Phoenix Police received the report of stolen vehicles. A spokesman told ABC15 that no arrests had been made.

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