Video Shows Teacher Violently Swinging Student Headfirst Into Filing Cabinet; Investigation Launched

A teacher at a Massachusetts public high school was taken on administrative leave Thursday after the teacher “inappropriately physically intervened in an argument between students,” according to a statement from school officials. A video of the incident shared on social media shows the teacher pulling two students apart, causing a student to crash into a filing cabinet upside down.

The incident occurred early Thursday morning at Barnstable High School in Barnstable, Massachusetts. The teacher involved in the scuffle has not been identified, but they reportedly work full-time for the school and this is their first year at Barnstable High School.

Stock Photo. A teacher was given leave after he was involved in an argument between two students.

In the cell phone video, the teacher appears to be trying to end the fight. A loud crack can be heard as a teen’s head falls to the floor on the way to a filing cabinet.

Headmistress Meg Mayo-Brown and headmistress in charge of Barnstable High School Kristen Harmon issued a statement about the incident saying it is under investigation.

“This morning at around 8:15 am, a Barnstable High School teacher inappropriately physically intervened in an affair between two students. The teacher has shown actions contrary to Barnstable Public Schools’ values ​​and expectations and has been given leave of absence. The incident is being investigated and BPS will take appropriate action based on the outcome of the investigation. We want our BHS community to know that we take this matter very seriously and that the health and safety of our students remains our first and foremost priority. “

Mayo-Brown told the Cape Cod Times that the student who hit the filing cabinet was not taken to the hospital but was examined by the school’s nursing staff. She also said that she did not know if the student suffered any injuries.

Reporter Mike Saccone shared the cell phone video on his Twitter account. Responses to the post ranged from people demanding the teacher’s dismissal while others praised Teacher for breaking up the fight before it escalated.

Video from Barnstable High School via @SnapMap – A student appears to be chasing another student, a teacher steps in, and a student’s head is knocked off a filing cabinet.

– Mike Saccone (@mikesacconetv) June 10, 2021

Boston CBS news channel WBZ-TV reported that Barnstable Police were assisting the school in investigating the incident.

Barnstable is the county seat of Barnstable County and the largest parish on Cape Cod, both in area and population. According to the Public School Review website, just over 1,800 students will be enrolled at Barnstable High School as of 2021.

Newsweek contacted Mayo-Brown for comment but didn’t hear in time for the release.

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