Virtual handyman service can help you with DIY projects | 3 On Your Side

PHOENIX (3 on your side) – When Lam Doan had a problem with his shower faucet, his first thought was to use glue to fix it.

“I just wasn’t sure,” he told 3 On Your Side. “It’s not one of those things that only Google could do.”

Fortunately, his second thought was to ask for help, so he started a Zoom video chat on his phone with, a virtual home repair service.

“You analyzed it from different perspectives and said, ‘Well, there is this little thing on the button that you have to pull out and once you do that you have access to the screw. And I said, ‘Oh, that was so easy! Good thing I didn’t put glue on it,’ “Doan laughed.

Mike Evans, the CEO of, says the business started out as home service but quickly moved to virtual appointments as the coronavirus pandemic began.

“It turns out that with a bus and a screwdriver most people can fix most things in their home,” Evans said.

Most of the projects tackled on the platform are small projects – repairing running toilets and leaking faucets, installing new light switches, or hanging curtains. To date, hundreds of people have used the virtual service, Evans said. According to the company, its home repair specialists who make live video calls to customers are licensed and insured.

“Usually the more complicated things people just want someone to say, ‘You know, I’ve been thinking about installing this myself. Where do I start?'” Evans said.

Across the country, contractors and other companies offer similar virtual home visits. Evans expects the trend to continue long after the pandemic ends.

“This is the new way of doing things. It’s so much more convenient,” he said. “It’s so much faster to get someone to just give you some advice so you can start things or guide you all the way through them.”

On, the first five minutes of video chat are free. After that, it costs $ 15 per 15 minutes. Doan says his virtual appointment saved him a plumber call and an expensive DIY mistake.

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