Watch How To Spackle A Hole In Drywall

Today I’m going to spit a hole in the wall.

And my husband and I just bought this new house

But this bedroom was that awful shade of pink.

So I found this lovely green color and painted the room.

But then after I was done I realized that I still am

had this hole in the wall.

You can see here.

So I know my mother can help me with this project.

So I’ll go ahead and call her.

Hello mother!

How are you?

Hey it’s going well.

I am having a great day

What about you?

Do you remember the terrible pink bedroom that I had?


I bet it looks so much better now.

It’s this green color that I love.

And I’m trying to fill a hole in my wall

Can you just lead me through the steps


So did you say you got your paint supplies out?


I got my spatula.


You want to make sure first before you just put spackle

in there that it is tidy.

Take your putty knife and just take it over,

Make sure you don’t have any loose parts

around the hole there.

Just make sure it’s nice and flat?


So there are no rough parts around the hole.

When you have a – like a tack sheet?

Yes, I have a cloth here.

Make sure you don’t have anything loose

at the end of your spatula.

Now take out your spackle.

Just say as much as you think you can

it must fill the hole well.

Does that look about right?

Yes it could be a little too much.

It is.




And just slide it into the hole as far as you can.


And then take your spatula over

like in an x-shaped pattern.

When you need more spackle you can

add more and slide it in there.

Take it both ways.

Now you need to let this dry really well.

Uh, it will probably take half an hour.

And you have to make sure that’s smooth again, too.

Do I use my sandpaper for this?


Oh you remembered

I’m so proud of you.

She learned so much from me.

She had to take out all of the credit.

Wrap it around your sanding block.

Because if you only use your hand or your finger

You could just slide it back into the hole.

And then you will see it.

When light shines on it, it will appear again.

So you have to sand over it after it’s dry.

Paint right over it and you are

I’ll use the same method, your roller.

Do this in the same crisscross pattern as you.





Thank you mom.

You’re welcome.

Have a great day.

Right, you too.

I love you.

I love you.

It’s been about 30 minutes since I’ve spoken to mom

and I have my sandpaper here over my sand block.

I’ll just stand over this spot.

And I think it’s nice and smooth.

I’ll get my colors, take my brush

and just bet a little on it first.

Dab that in there.

And I know that’s not the style she told me

but i thought it would be easier

than throwing the paint into the big paint tray

and with a bunch of them.

So what I’m going to do now is I’ll roll it like she said.

Make sure I get this cross move.

Go in all directions here.

And we rolled it up and I think it’s good to go.

We just have to wait for it to dry.

It turns out mom is the perfect person

to ask for some of those little chores, things

I’m pretty sure I know how to do it

but sometimes i’m not sure i’m doing the steps right

or if I am missing something.

We always work well together and she kind of gets me.

That was a lot of fun and a pretty easy little project.

Thank you mum.


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