What is on the agenda for Boris Johnson’s post-holiday cabinet ‘away day’?

After returning from vacation in Spain yesterday, Boris Johnson is hosting a Cabinet “Away Day” in the South West today as concerns over rising energy prices and the supply chain crisis mount.

The prime minister will be “painting in the sunshine” after a few “relaxing” days while staying in a “£ 25,000 a week” villa with senior ministers, the Daily Mail said. However, his return to work schedule will be “chests as he struggles to deal with the shortage of truckers, delays in ports and rising energy prices.”

The meeting will also take place when Brexit Minister David Frost attends a summit with his European Commission counterpart Maros Sefcovic, which will be another potential headache for Johnson if he settles back at No. 10.

Boris back

Johnson was “spotted” last night at the launch of his father’s new book, the first sign that he had “returned from Marbs,” said Politico’s Alex Wickham.

And while heading out for Cabinet “Away Day”, Johnson will be happy to fend off criticism from Keir Starmer, who told the Daily Mirror that his vacation showed the prime minister “waived responsibility” amid a string of ongoing crises.

“We just got a picture of the PM painting in Marbella – absolute complacency,” Starmer told the newspaper. “It’s the same old, the same old, which is a failure to plan and give up responsibility for the inevitable consequences of not planning and blaming someone else while sitting on a sun lounger.”

Christmas slaughter

High on the agenda of the cabinet meeting is “Fears that the Christmas season could be spoiled by traffic jams as the global economy recovers from Covid,” the Daily Mail said, adding that “the panic buying of toys and other products has already begun appears”. “.

Leaked internal documents seen by The Independent show that Amazon plans to “push shoppers to buy Christmas gifts four weeks early” while expecting “supply chain disruptions” to “last at least until spring next year.”

A source within the retail giant’s UK arm told the newspaper that “an attempt is being made to postpone the big surge in orders coming in before mid-December,” adding, “It’s hard to overestimate the extent of the supply disruptions that are being dealt with we are facing “. , also with our resources.

“It’s going to be a long, rather painful road to a new normal, and air freight can’t take all of its loads off other routes.”

Chancellor Rishi Sunak told the BBC yesterday that he was “confident that there will be a good amount of Christmas gifts that anyone can buy”. He said “supply chain problems are being felt around the world,” not just in the UK, the Evening Standard reported.

During the prime minister’s vacation, the government also faced “pressure to relax immigration rules as an emergency measure to attract overseas truck drivers,” The Telegraph said, “amid warnings that 100,000 more would be needed.”

After last year’s Christmas break, Johnson will be anxious to make sure “the supply chain clutter” doesn’t “ruin Christmas” again, the Daily Mail said.

Leave the USA

Brexit Minister Frost today meets the EU Brexit Pointman Maros Sefcovic as the spearhead of the duo in efforts to settle the border dispute after Brexit.

In a pre-summit interview with Politico, Frost warned that “significant changes will be needed if we can get a friendly solution” to the Northern Ireland Protocol. He added that the government “recognizes that the EU has made an effort” but that the UK position “is where we have to end”.

The government is currently considering an offer from the European Commission to remove 80% of sample checks on food entering Northern Ireland from the UK, with Frost telling the website that “the details are important but we are constructively investigating”.

When asked about a report in The Times that “the EU is open to a compromise that would limit the role of European judges in Northern Ireland,” added Frost, “I can only say that the governance issue is being seriously addressed got to.

“If the EU is ready to have a conversation about what is leaving existing positions, we will of course be happy to have that conversation.”

Johnson, who ran in 2019 with a promise to get Brexit done, was criticized during the ongoing negotiations for flying on vacation.

Frost tried to downplay this and told Politico: “The Prime Minister was very interested in this from the start.”

But with the criticism continuing, Johnson will be keen to get the subject to bed.

Countdown to the cop

Only 16 days to the Cop 26 global climate summit in Glasgow, “Johnson is in a race against time to reach an ambitious deal with leaders on a serious plan to tackle climate change,” said Politico’s Wickham.

In the cabinet discussions today, in addition to the reaction to a “domestic energy crisis this winter”, “the government’s green agenda” will also be planned and the “long-awaited plan for gas boilers” will be launched.

The Times added to rumors this morning that Xi Jinping plans to “roar” the Glasgow conference, a decision Reuters said would serve as a “hammer blow” as China “accounts for nearly 30% of global CO2 Emissions ”.

Johnson’s “best hope” could be that the cop summits were preceded by “frenzied, but not always accurate, speculation about participation at the highest levels,” the agency added. But the preachers who “organize this will pray that it will be the same here”.

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