Where World Rally Meets Appliance Repair: WRC Transit Vans

  • WRC body kit for smaller Transit Connect and Custom

  • All show, no extra for commercial units

Would you like your daily driver to look like a rally car but your daily driver to be a commercial van? No sweat, says Ford and vehicle specialist MS-RT as they prepare to get these WRC-inspired vans ready for sale at Ford Transit dealerships in Europe.

The bright colors, the broad stance and the aggressive body kit are inspired by the Fiesta WRC car of the Ford World Rally Team by M-Sport, but are not intended to detract from the inherent charisma of Transit Custom and Transit Connect.

We are familiar with the compact Transit Connect that travels on our own roads. However, if you’re not familiar with the Transit Custom, think of it as a Chrysler grand caravan van that fits the lineup between Custom and Full-size Transit.

The vans get massive wheel arch extensions (with ventilation slots at the rear), which are equipped with 18-inch alloys from OZ Racing for a real rally car look. Side skirt extensions connect the arches and work with the massive front splitter that hangs from the wider bumper openings. There’s a built-in diffuser at the rear, and Custom gets a twin-pipe exhaust, while Connect gets a four-pipe setup. Both are available in ceramic black.

Connect is available in all of Ford’s standard colors, but Custom is adding Ford’s SVO range so you can choose between the orange, blue and yellow colors shown here. Decal kits allow you to develop your own rally livery or choose from Ford’s own options.

MS RT Transit Custom is with custom-made Ford paint | available Photo: Ford

Inside there are MS-RT seats made of nappa leather and suede, as well as sports bikes with carbon fiber inserts and the MS-RT logo.

If you live in Europe you already know that the utility vehicle is the fastest, most aggressive vehicle on the tarmac and now this set seems ready to take that into the dirt. The power plants remain the same, however: a 185 hp 2.0-liter EcoBlue diesel for Transit Custom (with 306 lb-ft) or a 120 hp 1.5 for Connect.

So if you’re in a rush to need a manufacturer or unit repair, find the WRC-specified vans. They will reach you in no time. After a cup of coffee.

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