Will appliance warranty cover repairs?

Warranties are designed to help when an item you’ve invested in needs to be repaired or a replacement is impossible. But we learn that dozens of people across the valley are encountering roadblocks in order to store their belongings.

“They said they would fix it. You should call me back, they didn’t,” said Cliff as he waited for his dryer to be repaired.

“He said we might not see him until next year. It would take that long, ”said Andrea, who was waiting for her washing machine to be repaired.

Dozens of you at home tell a similar story that the device warranty you thought would protect you doesn’t.

“We even went to Lowe’s to see if there was anything they could do. You said no, ”said Andrea.

That’s because when she and her husband bought their washing machine in January, they didn’t purchase an Extended Warranty through Lowes. So if there was an immediate problem, they had to rely on the whirlpool warranty that came with it.

“A lot is wrong with that. The stirrer does not stir. It’s probably a lemon. I mean, that was his assessment, “said Andrea.

She was told it could take six months to find and install parts.

Meanwhile, Cliff says his dryer failed in July and he thought it was covered by his Amazon Home warranty.

He says weeks after a technician finally showed up, they got a quote for a check rather than a repair – a fraction of the cost of replacing the dryer. However, this check never arrived.

Tired of waiting, Cliff and Andrea contacted the Let Joe Know team.

After emailing Whirlpool they contacted Andrea and will replace their washing machine in a week.

Cliff finally got his check for $ 400 from Amazon Home Warranty, but our questions about why the amount was so small or why the dryer couldn’t be replaced weren’t answered.

When it comes to buying guarantees, consider investing the money in savings instead. A typical repair covers the cost of a policy.

In addition, according to consumer reports, only 40% of refrigerators, 30% of dishwashers and 20% of dryers need to be repaired in the first five years.

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