With cooler temperatures on the way, TN Fireplace & Chimney recommends early fall maintenance

“We’re all looking forward to using our fireplaces on the first cold snap this year,” he said Josh Cate, Owner of TN Fireplace & Chimney. “Whether you want to run the fireplace for warmth or convenience, plans can be ruined by a fireplace filling your home with smoke from a clogged chimney or a broken flue. These common problems are often easy to solve fix if they are found before a fire has started. “

There are many ways that a fireplace or stove can fail. If a homeowner does not pay attention to maintenance, a family reunion or a cozy evening at home can turn into a messy and expensive clean up.

Here are five ways to prepare your fireplace for a safe and comfortable winter:

  1. Use dampers to keep cold air out: Keeping cold air out is one of the best ways to keep your home heating efficient. It is important to close the hatch when the chimney is not in use. The top flap reduces the amount of air entering the house. Using both dampers effectively can help reduce your home’s heating bills.
  2. Consider buying a fireplace insert: Another way you can improve fireplace efficiency is to install a fireplace insert. These are typically made of heavy steel and cast iron. In this way, the warmth of the burning wood can be stored and radiated through the house.
  3. Regularly maintain your fireplace: Keeping your fireplace free of ash build-up and removing anything that could be a fire hazard near the fireplace can reduce the risk of fire. Knowing that the fireplace system is reliable, homeowners have peace of mind.
  4. Storing wood correctly: preparing for the next year? Whenever you buy firewood, keep it for the next year. This ensures that the wood is dried properly. Store the stacked firewood off the ground and keep it covered. Leave the side open to allow air to circulate.
  5. Consider a professional vote: if properly maintained, a fireplace or stove can produce stress-free warmth and cosiness for years. With a professional inspection, you don’t have to worry about whether or not your fireplace is performing at its best. Fireside fires do happen, but with proper and professional research, homeowners can reduce the possibility.

“I cannot stress the importance of maintaining the fireplace and stove early,” said Cate. “Animals can build nests or die in chimneys in the summer, which is a real risk if they start the first fire. If you proactively prepare your fireplace in early fall, you have a safe and comfortable fireplace that you can enjoy all season . “

For more information on TN Fireplace & Chimney or to schedule an inspection or cleaning, please visit https://tnchimney.com.

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TN Fireplace & Chimney, the leading chimney maintenance company in East Tennessee and one of the fastest growing chimney companies in the country was founded in 2008 by Josh Cate Providing industry leading service based on technology, training and a full range of options for maintenance, repair, installation, cleaning and remodeling of chimneys and chimneys. As a Tennessee-licensed contractor and proud supporter of Tennessee Athletics, TN Fireplace & Chimney employ a team of highly skilled technicians and advanced technology to provide the best possible customer service Knox, Anderson, Claiborne, Campbell, Morgan, Blount, Loudon, Sevier and Jefferson Counties. Please visit https://tnchimney.com/ for more information.

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