With more people at home, appliance repairs seeing surge pandemic

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – The pandemic has crushed many companies, left many people unemployed, and their employers are struggling to keep the doors open.

But in some repair shops, the pandemic is actually creating more work.

“They use everything a lot more so we’ve been very busy,” said Stephen Hughes of Mr. Appliance in Lexington.

More people are at home and that means more devices are breaking.

… Means more repairs for President Stephen Hughes and his team. Stephen: “Smaller one-man businesses are strained to the point where they can’t come out to satisfy every customer and they relate to larger servicers,” noted Hughes.

He had to hire three more people and he wants to hire a few more.

But the pandemic is still affecting his business. Customers have to wait longer for repairs.

“With the parts we need to repair, we are seeing a trend towards more parts being reordered,” he said

He says up to 20 parts are being reordered per week because many manufacturers and dealers have closed. But even with delays, most patients were patient.

“I made the appointment online and they were there a few days later,” said Kimberly Harrison.

Harrison had to get her washing machine repaired.

“They wore masks when they came into the house. I wore my mask when they came into the house, but they were very neat, very clean. You did a great job and really helped me. “

Hughes says his business is essential and for those in need of a job right now, repair work is a great option.

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