Woman gets call from handyman but not for services she requested: Highland Heights Police Blotter


Special Attention: South Greenway Court

One woman reported on Nov. 5 that she left a voicemail for her handyman informing her of repairs needed, as well as her name and address. However, the call was returned by another person. The caller told her he was not her handyman but said she sounded interesting and that he wanted to get to know her better. The woman asked for special attention to be paid to her home as the caller knew her address. The officers advised her to report if the unknown man would call again and to contact the police if she sees anyone suspicious in her home.

Suspicion: Bishop Road

A man reported around 10 p.m. on November 3 that there were apparently two people on the golf course throwing something at vehicles. He said an egg was thrown on a colleague’s truck the day before when it was driving in the same area. The officers who responded found no one in the area.

Property damage: Miner Road

A resident reported on November 4 that her home was hit by paintballs.

Animals: Lander Road

A resident reported on November 6 that a deer had been in his swimming pool for the second time a year. He said the deer was able to break free, but it caused damage to the pool liner, which cost him $ 3,000. He said a neighbor was feeding the deer whatever attracts them to the area. The officers tried unsuccessfully to contact this neighbor.

Family dispute: Belwood Drive

One woman reported on November 8 that her estranged husband yelled at her and asked for money. The man had left the house before the officers arrived, who learned he was opening their mail. The officers contacted the man and discussed the incident. Both agreed to be more polite.

Department Information: Barkston Drive

A resident reported on November 9th at 5:30 p.m. that someone had messed up her nicely raked leaves in the last hour.

Driving Disorders: Hanford Road

A Highland Heights man, 35, was arrested for OVI after his vehicle was stopped for multiple traffic violations at around 11pm on November 10th. He was not cooperative with officials, but not resistant to arrest.

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