Women of 280: Wendi Peeks – Cabinet Cures

Wendi Peeks, owner of Cabinet Cures of Birmingham, is a specialist in custom cabinet processing.

“I work with homeowners who need or want an investment-grade kitchen cabinet overhaul. And personally I was there and can definitely identify with my customers. I was that homeowner who built and sold houses, converted houses, and I owned these outdated (in my case oak) cabinets! What I didn’t own then was my own cabinet renovation firm. It really is today’s solution to creating a fabulous kitchen remodel with no remodeling cost or time, ”said Peeks.

The 3 year old company is built on the strength of service and relationships. For Peeks, it’s all about serving the customer.

“When I come into a home, it’s not about a job, but about a relationship and the opportunity to serve – whether I end up doing a kitchen remodel or not. I know the quality of the product I’m using, I know I’m laying

have an experienced and professional installation team and I believe in my ability to guide the homeowner through the decisions and process so that they are given.

“What I want to do better every day is personal – it’s about getting to know, understand and appreciate the prospects or customers who come into my life. I am not and shouldn’t be for everyone, but I hope that I will bring something positive into your day that can be passed on. “

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