Wow! 11.4.6 Home Theater Dazzles with Massive 234-Inch Screen

The theater has a 19.5-foot Vutec screen and seats 16 people.

There are big ones … and then there is “really, really big”. This is the best way to describe this 16-seat, 11.4.6 Dolby Atmos home theater designed by Sound Sense in Ahmedabad, India with a monstrous 19.5-foot diagonal screen.

Integrator Sound Sense’s award-winning project provided the team with an opportunity to push the boundaries of creativity, their collective skills, and the ability to collaborate internally and externally in designing a high-level home theater. Even more impressive is that the project had floor plan restrictions from the architect as well as some demanding requirements from the client.

“Ensuring that the project was industry compliant and that audio-video was calibrated to the highest standards to deliver an immersive, vibrant and immersive experience without exceeding the customer’s requirements and limitations was a top priority,” said Aknur Bhatt , Owner / Director at Sound Sense in Ahmedabad, Guarat, India.

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This unique, audio-video calibrated 16-seater room was designed to meet all of the customer’s needs, including a Dolby Atmos 11.4.6 setup with Wisdom Audio speakers, Christie CP4220 4K projector, and a monster-sized 234 2.35: 1 diagonal inch Vutec screen. A Christie DCI server with its integrated media block (IMB) fulfills the customer’s requirement to view movies on the first day of the first show. An intuitive user interface has been specially tailored to control the entire setup.

To meet the client’s needs for a discreet home theater setup, the project was designed to hide behind the acoustic fabric material and to remain 100% clean and tidy.

“The client was keen to spend their limited time away from work at home to do something they loved with their family and a small circle of 12-15 people. This avid movie lover wanted a larger than life screen to bring the entire experience to life, as well as the option to have a private first-day first-show screening of select films.

“Having a variety of ambient light scenarios to set the tone of the room based on the customer’s mood was a must. Any noise from the home theater room should be isolated from the entertainment area in the basement directly below. The home theater should be completely discreet, ”says Bhatt.

The only limitation in the project was a prefabricated architectural floor plan that the architect Morpho Genesis did not want to redesign. The Sound Sense team worked around this problem and made sure that no compromises were made in adhering to industry standards.

A custom Crestron GUI controls the entire project.

A unique Crestron user interface has been specially designed for customers, taking into account that users of different ages in the family will enjoy the home theater. Designed for use on the customer’s iPad, the intuitive user interface provides one-touch control of the entire setup – designed for AV controls, movie selection, satellite television, lighting controls, HVAC, etc.

After the customer had received a demo of the entire setup, an individual handover package was also presented for quick reference if necessary. The package contained user manuals, a description of the system and each underlying component, all technical drawings, etc.

Bhatt calls the installation a “dream project” and says the job has won a number of awards including:

  • CEDIA honors best home cinema (EMEA – Level III)
  • CEDIA honors the best home cinema worldwide
  • CEDIA Awards Best Dressed Rack
  • CEDIA honors the best documentation
  • CE Pro BEST Awards Home Theater / Media Room Project of the Year

Equipment list

  • Control: Crestron CP3
  • Light control: Crestron DALI 2
  • Multiroom AV Distribution: Kaleidescape Strato C Player with 24 TB Terra Server
  • Projector: Christie CP4220
  • Screen: Vutec Vision XWF 234-inch screen with a diagonal of 2.35: 1
  • Speaker: Six Wisdom Audio Line-3 LCR Speakers; six Wisdom Audio Line-2 surround speakers; two surround back speakers from Wisdom Audio; four Wisdom Audio STS subwoofers; and six Sage Point 2 Dolby Atmos speakers from Wisdom Audio.
  • AV components: Ten Wisdom Audio SA-3 power amplifiers; two Wisdom Audio SA-2 power amplifiers; a Trinnov Altitude 32 processor; an Oppo UDP203 Blu-ray player
  • Remote controls: Crestron TSR-310
  • Equipment carrier: Schneider 42U
  • Other: Kordz R.3 HDMI cable; 16 Cineak Ferrier loungers; a Peplink AP1 AC mini access point; a custom Acton Power Conditioner

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